Research project 2019 - 2020
Liesbet Bussche, Irma Földényi

JEWELLERY, MATTER, TIME 01 September 2019

Jewellery, Matter, Time

This research project, conducted by Liesbet Bussche and Irma Földényi, rethinks the position of the jewellery designer in the Anthropocene through artistic research into his/her material use and work context. Starting point is the area of tension between natural, traditionally valuable materials that cause irreparable damage to the earth during exploitation and artificially produced materials, which can serve as valid alternatives at first sight. The compilation of a material library, discussions with experts and field trips to industrial sites lead to critical findings on valuation and significance of matter, and are made public in a scenographic presentation and article. The second part of the research project focuses on the artistic creation of a jewellery-related object in the context of the material. The unusual methodology for the jewellery designer of the inverted workshop that transforms a material-related context to a production context offers insights for the redefinition of the work context of the jewellery designer and the relevance of jewellery within the theme of the Anthropocene.

Photo: First synthetic diamond crystals produced by H. Tracy Hall on December 16, 1954

Source: Sample Images and Documents from 1954 Diamond Discovery - see